What defines a great team? Cohesion.

There are many behaviours, qualities and actions that can produce great teams.

For us, being a great team is about collaboration. It’s not just about creating prime working conditions, it’s about cohesion.

So why does our team work so well together? It’s our energy. Our balance. Our drive. We’re different, yet each fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

Annette. She kick started her career in finance before a foray in interior design, only to realise she was more of a creative leader. Budgets and strategy are her bread and butter and diplomacy is her middle name. She constantly pushes the envelope to be more creative, more polished.

Tamara. Loves words, communication and stories, she lives and breathes ‘the detail’, and her organisational skills could rival the most efficient of workers. She keeps us on track and moving toward our goals.

Brooke. This girl can walk into an empty room and visualise the most incredible world. She dreams big. Her style and creativity are extraordinary, and she loves the impact of the ‘little things’.

As a team we mesh because we’re honest with one another, we’re respectful, understanding and appreciative of (actually, we’re in awe of) each other’s skills. We’re each other’s biggest fans. We laugh constantly, and we have fun when we’re at work.

The main thing that brought us together and continues to propel us forward into the crazy world of small business ownership, is our passion. Our passion for making things beautiful, for creating unique landscapes and transforming spaces, for bringing individual’s or organisation’s dreams and visions to life, for injecting fun into every project and for constantly pushing the paradigm to create innovative and distinctive masterpieces.

We love what we do, and we have a shared vision and purpose.

The definition of cohesion is ‘the action of forming a united whole.’ This doesn’t just apply to our ability to cohesively construct events of any kind, it also reflects our team mentality. Each member of our team moves in the same direction, united, which ultimately defines a great team.

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