Registration Rage

John, Jon, Johnn or Jonn?

There are many excellent registration management systems available that take away the risk of human error during an event registration process. Or do they?

When there are a variety of different spellings for what youd assume are the simplest of names – Alicia, Aleisha, Allysha, Elisha or John, Jon, Jonn – the incorrect spelling of a name on a registration or label can create a very irritable start for guests. This is often no fault of the coordinator or the software, but can be a simple mistake by the person registering the attendees from the company or organisation.

When faced with a guest who is very offended (and quite rightly so) by the misspelling of their name, or the incorrect job title or the incorrect company, it is the personal touch, the discretion and empathy from the registration staff that makes all the difference.

We have been at events where an argument or tense discussion has ensued between an attendee and a staff member at the registration table, while the remaining guests in the line awkwardly pretend not to listen.

It takes diplomacy and experience to make every attendee feel welcome regardless of any unexpected surprises that may occur. To us, good old-fashioned customer service is key. Even though a smile alone doesn’t define excellent customer service, it almost always starts with a smile!

With technological advances, globalisation, remote work practices and a multi-task driven culture, great customer service and a smile sets a tone. It establishes a rapport and initiates trust, the cornerstone of every business relationship.

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