Are We Ever Off-Duty?

At a work event or party, are we ever off-duty? Is it okay to have just one more drink?

Everyone deserves to let off steam after a busy year or at a celebration of a major work accomplishment, however we have all either experienced the embarrassment of having just a little bit too much champagne or seen someone go too far. 

Going too far can be the telling of a slightly offensive joke that we are embarrassed about later or could be dancing on the Boardroom table singing Dancing Queen while your less-than-impressed boss is looking on.

It is important for us to remember that when a company or organisation you work for or have dealings with is putting on an event under their brand, we are still representing our brand. The days of working 9-5 are over. Not too long ago, some of our biggest companies had Friday lunch drinks that went onto the the early hours of Saturday morning.

How things have changed. Our personal brand is everywhere; at events, in the way we communicate, on our social media and in the presentation of ourselves. With the ever-present phone ready to video or photograph any moment, good or bad, our image can change or be perceived differently in a heartbeat.

As event managers, do we have a responsibility to help ensure that we protect everyone’s brand? Yes we do. Careful placement of water (or Berocca) stations, food at regular intervals, plenty of service staff and strategic breaks to allow everyone to breathe, are all fully planned to ensure the success of any corporate event.

Because in the end, we want everyone to shine.

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